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What We Do:
In a nutshell, we fix everything and anything that has to do with computers and home electronics. We also do lightning and insurance estimates to get your money fast from the insurance companies. We install wireless routers, printers and home networks. We have MSCE certified engineers to provide professional service to small businesses.
From the Owner

"We have been successfully servicing the midlands since 1996. We have repaired overd 40,000 computers in this time. I promise that no one will work harder to provide you with professional fast service than we do. We have built our business and our reputation on being honest, fast, and dependable."

Meet Our Staff

Shawn M Wilson

CEO Grand Computers

MSCE Certified

A+/Net+ Certified

Macromedia Specialist



Zachary Baker

Manager Grand Computers

Lead Engineer

Fiber Specialist



Corey Jones


Office Helper

Facebook Expert


Zach Eadie

Code Monkey

Office Loomer

Stapler Admin

Linux Admin

Security Specialist

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