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We have an incredible reputation in the south eastern region, people come from hours away to get repairs done with us because they know we will get it right and at an affordable cost.


What People Say

Shawn and his guys do amazing work. They're extremely knowledgeable and always eager to help. Was introduced to them through my work and they have always been dependable there. When it came to my personal laptop needing an upgrade they made sure they were on time and had me back up and running so I didn't miss a beat with my classes. Highly recommend.



Google Reviews

Took my Toshiba laptop in for an annoying "extra cursor" problem after doing a google search, finding out it was a common problem in Windows 10, but not finding any actual solutions. David fixed my problem on the spot. Their sign says, "Eat while we fix your computer" (or something like that), which was what hubby and I had planned to do. However, the problem was fixed within minutes! (We went out to eat anyway.) I hope I don't have computer problems again, but if I do, I will definitely return.



Google Reviews

Grand Computers is the best place to take your laptop to in the Midlands!! They have great employees that care about the customer and their troubling situation with their computer. I have been to Grand Computers twice and have had a great experience every time. If I ever have another problem with any of my electronic devices, I sure won't hesitate to give Grand Computers a call.



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A year or so ago I had them clean out my computer's fan and heat sink. They are competitively prices and finished the work in the amount time they promised. Will be back if I have any further repair needs.



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Great Experience and I'm overwhelmed at how much the staff went out of their way for such an inexpensive sale. Earlier last year I was having overheating issues with my processor and normally I order online but this was something I needed STAT! I called the store and they had a nice aftermarket CPU Fan/heat sync on the shelf for less than $50.00 so I grabbed my wallet and headed to the store. The staff were very friendly and we chatted a bit then I headed home to install the new CPU Fan. Turns out the manufacturer didn't include the hardware to secure the bracket to the board so I called the store to let them know. They apologized and there was no way for them to know as the box was sealed from the factory but they said if I'd come back with the part they could find hardware in the shop. The guy who helped me (can't recall his name) dug around misc. bins of hardware and screws for about 20 minutes and pieced together exactly what I needed. I headed home and it worked perfectly. I've since built a newer PC but I'm running virtual servers on the build mentioned in this review right now and I've got my old AMD 955 Black Edition Overclocked a full +1.0 GHz and running smooth still. Thanks for the great Service Grand Computers!


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